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Screen shot of the grow from CBS5 San Francisco.

We read a lot of fucked-up stories related to cannabis here at Toke, but this one might be the most disturbing we’ve read in a long, long time.
Two California men aged 30 and 24 have been charged with keeping a 15-year-old girl as a work/sex slave on their heavily-armed Clearlake marijuana farm, locking the girl in a 4x2x2 metal box for days on end according to local news

NBC New York
Police raided a five-story Bronx building they claim was being used as a marijuana farm, with hundreds of plants in an “elaborate” growing system.


An entire five-story building in New York City was raided by the police this week, and authorities claimed the entire structure was being used as a multi-floor marijuana farm.

Police said that four of the floors appeared to be used for various stages of the plants’ growth, with the most mature cannabis being on the top floor, reports Stephen C. Webster at The Raw Story.
The building reportedly had elaborate watering and air filtration systems to keep the plants healthy and the smell under control, reports Shimon Prokupecz, Jonathan Dienst and Joe Valiquette at NBC New York.