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Riff Raff and his Jody Highroller strain.

When the LA Weekly found out that hip hop rapper/cult personality Riff Raff had his own strain of weed, they were pretty pumped and imagined dancing like a manic octopus, telling hilarious stories about how our father fights polar bears, and being blessed with sartorial inspiration.
So they did what any curious writer should do: they made their way over to a local cannabis club selling the strain at five grams for $55. And then they got high. Read more of their journey into stonedness over at

B. Dolan’s “FILM THE POLICE” pays tribute to N.W.A.’s infamous “Fuck the Police,” serving as a call to action for the digitized media movement while responding to the recent explosion of police brutality all across the world.

This free MP3, courtesy of Strange Famous Records, features a reconstruction of Dr. Dre’s original beat, brilliantly reanimated by UK producer Buddy Peace. Label CEO, Sage Francis, opens the song by picking up the gavel where Dr. Dre left it 23 years ago, introducing a blistering, true-to-style flip of Ice Cube’s original verse by SFR cornerstone, B. Dolan.