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He’s not the only one.

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Dennis Peron, the celebrated cannabis activist and backer of 1996’s Proposition 215, which legalized MED in California, opposes the state’s coming REC vote. “In 1996, it was like a dark room had been left for so long without any light. I let a little light in. A light of compassion, hope and empowerment. We empowered the patients and the voters and the people that don’t believe marijuana is a crime,” Peron said. “But Prop. 64 will destroy that power that we’ve had for the last 20 years.”

Wow, the Devil seems a little darker of complexion than than innocently pure white lady.

Worth Repeating
By Ron Marczyk, R.N.
Health Education Teacher (Retired)
Users report that marijuana has a relaxing aphrodisiac effect, and its use increases sexual pleasure. The black jazz “reefer music” of the 1930s was in large part inspired by marijuana.
Marijuana and jazz music go together like a melody and lyrics.
This cultural mix of marijuana, white people liking jazz music and sex all conflicted with the morality of prohibitionists in the 1930s.

How did “male vs. male” sexual competition unconsciously drive marijuana prohibition 75 years ago, leading to the present failed war on marijuana?

This is a historical (circa 1937) psychological deconstruction of the unconscious sexual rationales behind making cannabis — rebranded as evil “marijuana” — illegal.

Broadcast Engineering
Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee said the results of the Obama Administrations crackdown on medical marijuana were “Utter chaos”

​Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee, under political fire for blocking three medical marijuana dispensaries authorized back in 2009 and selected in 2011, says the real problem is the inconsistent policy of the President he endorsed in 2008.

When asked by Rolling Stone magazine what the result has been of the Obama Administration’s effort to prevent states from implementing laws allowing the distribution of medicinal cannabis, Gov. Chafee replied, “Utter chaos,” reports Ted Nesi at
The governor has faced protests and legal threats from medical marijuana patients and advocates since suspending Rhode Island’s dispensary program in May 2011.

Plano Police Department
Police released this booking photo of Christopher Chace Crawford after his bust early Friday morning

​Chace Crawford, star of television’s Gossip Girl, has been arrested outside a Texas bar for possession of marijuana.

The 24-year-old actor was in a friend’s car in the parking lot of Ringo’s Pub in Plano, Texas, when police officers arrested them just after midnight on Friday morning, June 4, reports Carina MacKenzie at Zap2it.
Crawford was jailed and charged with possession of marijuana, under two ounces, before being released, reports
The actor, who plays Manhattan rich boy Nate Archibald in the hit TV show, had been sitting inside his friend’s 2003 Nissan, according to the arrest record provided by the Plano Police Department.
Police found one unlit joint in the vehicle, according to
The actor had just returned from a family trip to Mexico.