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Graphic: thebmillerexperience

‚ÄčDude, maybe you should wait until it’s legal. A Pennsylvania man is facing possible charges after he called 911 to complain about some “bad marijuana” he had just bought, which turned out not to be pot at all.

Police did not identify the 21-year-old Uniontown man, who called a Fayette County emergency dispatcher Wednesday and said he had bought some questionable cannabis, reports the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.
He asked police to check the pot out for him, according to authorities.
After responding to the man’s Millview Street residence, cops noticed, you guessed it, a “leafy green substance” on the couch. The man whined to the officers that he had bought the stuff earlier that day, and when he smoked it, “It was nasty.”
Detective Donald Gmitter said a field test determined the substance was not marijuana, but did not reveal anything else — as in, what the hell it was. Preliminary results showed it was not a controlled substance, according to the police report.