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Photo: Ben Watanabe/South Whidbey Record
Captn Blynd sets a pile of marijuana plants and buds ablaze outside his Freeland, Washington home after he said he received threats against his medical marijuana cooperative.

‚ÄčThe founder of Whidbey Island’s first medical marijuana cooperative has followed through on his pledge to destroy his supply of medical marijuana following perceived threats to his wife and himself.

Captn Blynd, of Freeland, Washington, stacked 11 juvenile and mature cannabis plants and a kilogram jar full of a half-pound of dried marijuana buds on top of a pile outside his home last Tuesday, poured a fifth of Monarch 151 rum tincture on it, and drenched it all with gasoline, reports Ben Watanabe of the South Whidbey Record.
“Do I look like a rich guy to you?” Blynd asked. “Somehow I don’t think I am. This is plant matter. It’s not money, it’s not power, it shouldn’t reflect wealth. It’s legalized to make sick people feel better. That’s what it did for me.”