Author William Breathes

These are the true Stoner MacGyvers of the world. Below are our ten favorite homemade bongs on the internet that we would (probably) never smoke out of.

10. The Box Bong
It looks like someone duct-taped together a few plexiglass pieces and put a Big Gulp straw on the other end. But it utilized duct tape, so it had to be included. No doubt the amount of water this thing takes makes it feel like chugging a bong hit out of a bathtub.

Club 710 attendees.

Stop by The Front Tea and Arts weekday mornings and you’ll find a typical small-town Colorado coffee shop, showcasing a wide range of teas and coffees plus the work of local artists. But lately on certain evenings, the smell of roasted beans switches over to the smell from vaporized bowls of Colorado ganja.
Formerly (as in last week) dubbed The Hive, the coffee shop is really just a gathering spot for cannabis users 21 and up to get together and swap herb and stories. No marijuana is actually bought or sold; that would be illegal. It operates as a bring-your-own-buds spot, although sharing is not only accepted but encouraged. The co-op meets every night except for Thursdays. Most of the time, the evenings involve casual hanging out — but The Front also holds events like poetry and game nights.

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