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Wikimedia commons/Pearson Scott Foresman.

California Democrats agreed over the weekend to kindly ask the president to lay off medical marijuana and recreational marijuana in states that allow it: namely California, Washington and Colorado.
The resolution, adopted by the California Democratic Party Executive Board, also praises Colorado and Washington for laws passed November.

Big pharma/tobacco/ag is coming for our pot: this much we know. With a market potential of “billions” being floated around, they certainly won’t leave it in the hands of Joe Grower.
When Colorado passed the most permissive cannabis laws in the history of the world this week, stakeholders did everything they could to prevent the corporate takeover of “Phizanto Morris” in the state. That’s what they’ll tell you, at least. In reality, they just fucked over toking entrepreneurs in 49 states, D.C., and whatever Puerto Rico is these days.

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