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John Stossel: “It’s not the intoxicant that causes crime — it’s prohibition.”

​Host John Stossel will take a look at the effects of prohibition during part of his Fox Business Network show, Stossel, Thursday at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

“In part of my show tonight, I’ll talk about how laws against prostitution, organ selling, and drug use hurt more people than prostitution, organ selling, and drug use do,” Stossel wrote Thursday.
Stossel notes that the first argument against legalizing drugs is usually “Then more kids will abuse drugs!”
“But there’s little evidence for that,” Stossel points out. “The Netherlands has officially ‘tolerated’ marijuana for 30 years. So is there violent marijuana crime? No. Fewer young people in Holland smoke marijuana than do Americans. Legalization took the mystique away. A Dutch minister of health said, ‘We’ve succeeded in making pot… boring.’ “

Graphic: Cooljuno411
It’s an unhappy day in Southern California: The DEA has arrested a dispensary owner in L.A.

​A Los Angeles marijuana dispensary owner was arrested by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) because they say he tried to open two pot shops while awaiting sentencing on a drug charge, which had been forbidden by a judge in the case.

Dennis Romero at L.A. Weekly reports that 42-year-old Virgil Grant III was arrested at an L.A. dispensary, as confirmed by DEA spokeswoman Sarah Pullen. According to terms set by the judge, Grant wasn’t supposed to be around dispensaries before his sentencing next month.
Pullen said Grant is scheduled to appear in court Friday afternoon to explain why he was trying to open two dispensaries while on bond.