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​Shock waves are still reverberating through the medical marijuana community after more than half-a-dozen growing operations were raided by the Colorado Springs Metro Vice unit on Wednesday.

Police served seven warrants, claiming they were all illegal growing operations, reports 11 News.
All seven were growing operations and not storefront dispensaries, according to police spokesman Sgt. Steve Noblitt.

Graphic: International Cannagraphic
They never get tired of flogging this stuff.

​In 2008, they defeated an initiative that would have emphasized treatment over jail for non-violent drug offenders. Now, the same political campaign team is organizing anew to fight against the November ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in California for adults over 21.

Two years ago, Sacramento political consultant Wayne Johnson directed a coalition led by law enforcement associations in a successful attempt to defeat Proposition 5. The reactionary campaign against Prop 5 labeled the measure “The Drug Dealers’ Bill of Rights,” reports Peter Hecht at The Sacramento Bee.

Graphic: Seriously Free Speech

​A pro-legalization Canadian police officer has been ordered by his department’s leadership not to show up at a drug policy event where he was scheduled to speak on Wednesday.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, an international group of cops, judges and prosecutors who oppose the “War On Drugs,” is criticizing the gag order from the Victoria, British Columbia Police Department that limits the freedom of speech of one of its officers.
Officer David Bratzer, who volunteers with LEAP while off duty, was ordered not to speak at an official, City of Victoria-sponsored event on harm reduction scheduled for Wednesday night at 7 p.m.
Even though the event is scheduled outside his regular working hours, management from the Victoria Police Department, without Bratzer’s knowledge, informed city staff that he was being “withdrawn from speaking.” Then on February 24, a senior officer at the department directly ordered Bratzer not to participate in the event.

Photo: HempCon 2010
HempCon 2010 Los Angeles is already a huge success, with thousands of festive attendees on the convention floor. Stay tuned, San Francisco… your turn is in April.

​A three-day celebration of all things cannabis opens Friday in downtown Los Angeles.

HempCon 2010 Los Angeles, at the L.A. Convention Center, will host exhibitors from across the country who’ll be showcasing products and services relating to medical marijuana and the movement to legalize pot, reports the Los Angeles Daily News.
Smoking and marijuana won’t be allowed at the event.
“There’s not going to be any cannabis — but we’re trying to spread the word,” said Cheryl Shuman, executive director of Beverly Hills NORML 90210, a branch of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.
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