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Colorado has somehow managed to survive six years of recreational cannabis sales without burning down. But even so, there were plenty of hot, skunky issues to cover in 2019.

This year, the Colorado Legislature further established this state as an epicenter of cannabis, passing laws that expanded medical marijuana access and legalized social use businesses, such as pot cafes and smoking lounges. The state also continued in its role as a guinea pig of regulation and cannabis culture, dealing with challenges ranging from moldy pot to equitable industry participation.

After trimming our way through the year’s stories, we landed on these as the ten biggest in 2019:

Many of the issues that dominated local headlines in 2015, including homelessness, the rising cost of housing and a steady influx of transplants, continued to be hot topics this year. But from an unpredictable, insane election to the media frenzy over the twentieth anniversary of JonBenét Ramsey’s death, 2016 threw out plenty of curveballs.

Keep reading for strange but true stories from the past year that once again prove that truth is definitely stranger than fiction.

We just released our five top marijuana stories for 2016, and Governor John Hickenlooper has set the stage for one of the biggest stories in 2017.

In his budget request for the 2017-’18 fiscal year, Hickenlooper asked Colorado’s lawmakers to put aside $12.3 million of the revenue garnered from marijuana taxes during that time and use the money to build 1,200 new housing units for people on the streets experiencing chronic and episodic homelessness, as well as an additional 300 units every five years for people facing periodic homelessness.

It’s been a big year for pot. More than half the states in the country now allow marijuana use of some kind; Denver expanded its understanding of social use, and voters approved a ballot initiative that will allow marijuana to be smoked in public; and Colorado sold over one billion dollars’ worth of weed in the first ten months of 2016 — yes, that’s billion, with a “b.” Here’s our rundown of the top five marijuana stories in Colorado this year.