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Cannabis businesses took over the Colorado Convention Center this week as the National Cannabis Industry Association held its Seed to Sale Show on February 7 and 8. Made up of nearly 1,600 members, the NCIA is one of the largest industry groups in legal cannabis and has been holding annual events in Denver to showcase industry trends and technology for over five years.

The technology around legal cannabis has evolved rapidly since its commercial awakening. Consumer trends and products are constantly changing, and events like the Seed to Sale Show often offer a glimpse into what the future of retail pot will look like. Here are five of my favorite up-and-coming consumer trends from the NCIA convention.

The “No on 200” team in Pueblo County has proposed that Colorado become home to the National Marijuana Museum, and what better county to host it than the one that fought against repealing Amendment 64 at the ballot box this election. The organizers hope to have the museum open by the summer of 2018. In the meantime, here are ten suggestions for what they should include in the collection: