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Harlem Shake: Top ten marijuana editions (VIDEO)
By William Breathes in Culture
Friday, March 1, 2013 at 4:20 pm

harlem baked .jpg
Harlem Baked.
This whole Harlem Shake thing has gotten way out of hand. I've personally been invited to take part in two of these this week (I've declined). But like a five-year-old asking his dad "why" repeatedly, it's so horribly obnoxious that it transcends annoyance and becomes hypnotically hysterical if only from a purely sociological perspective.

But just so you don't need to do any further searching on your own, below are our top ten ganja-related Harlem Shake remix vids on YouTube. Con los cannabistas!

10. GWater717 - Strictly herb with the munchies edition

Hungry? Why wait. Grab a bud and some Snickers.

9. Dylan James Hodgson - Stoners in the Dorm Room edition

Low-quality filming, but top-notch effort.

8. IBeBlazinBowls - Room full of puffers edition

I love the plant over on the right. If it could talk, it would no doubt be all: "You folks is crazy."

Page down for the rest of our top ten list.

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