7 Ways Weed Makes Thanksgiving Even Better


Gary M. Stolz, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Let’s get really basted.

​Few things in life are as natural a fit as THC and Thanksgiving. I mean, come on – a holiday which heralds hoggishness, and an herb which makes you hella hungry? We’re talking a hook-up made in hemp heaven.
But wait! That’s not the only way marijuana can improve your Thanksgiving experience this year. I feel a list coming on.
1) Make the most of the best pig-out chance of the year. Any self-respecting stoner is going to augment his or her capacity for Thanksgiving largesse by generously applying nature’s favorite appetite stimulant.
To be sure you’ve got your bases properly covered, Toke of the Town suggests you consider a new round of smoking between each course of the meal. At the very least, toke up again before dessert.
If you’re in a situation where smoking ain’t cool, don’t trip. Just prepare and consume some marijuana edibles ahead of time – and if the gathering’s going to last awhile, bring along some extras in your pocket. (Toke of the Town recommends sativa strains; a heavy indica, especially combined with all that tryptophan from the turkey, could make you drowsy.)

Photo: Sullynyflhi
Potato heads and potheads: natural allies?

​​2) With the right herbal accompaniment, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is just as much fun as it was when you were a kid. Reopening the door to childlike joy and wonder isn’t a sign of immaturity; it’s a sign of mental flexibility.
Even the inevitable appearance of some annoyingly over-the-top pop icon like Adam Lambert has a certain comedic kitsch value when you’re in the proper frame of mind.
3) Those problematic relatives are much more fun and interesting when you look at ’em right. Obnoxious Uncle Harold seems so much easier to take when you’ve just toked. Nosy Aunt Ethel, who insists every year in fixating upon the lack of progress in your career, will wonder what you’re up to when you just smile back at her passive aggression.
And if you’re lucky enough to be around people you genuinely enjoy, so much the better.
4) Now that it’s Thanksgiving, it won’t be so tacky to drop Christmas hints about that $600 vaporizer you’ve had your eyes on.
Don’t forget to mention how good it’ll be for the ailing economy to spend that kind of coin on American products at a time like this. Santa might be listening!

Photo: Coaster420
Bubba Kush: Harvest is a joyful time

​​5) Coming as it does just after traditional harvest time, Thanksgiving gives you a great opportunity for beaming thanks to the universe for this year’s bounty. And it’s a perfect chance for stoned ruminations on how you are part of an unbroken chain reaching back to antiquity.
I’m talking about the line of cannabis connoisseurs stretching back through the hemp-loving Pilgrims all the way to Ogg in a cave somewhere throwing weed on the fire and transcending, if only for a magic moment, the grim Darwinian struggle for survival so as to contemplate the eternal Wheel of Karma.
6) Gridiron and ganja are natural allies. If there’s one thing you can count on at a Thanksgiving family gathering, it’s that there’ll be a ballgame on the tube. Even a blowout loses that boring edge when softened with a bowl full of kind kush.
And if your favorite team is playing a crucial game, what better to calm the nerves? 

7) An attitude of gratitude really is good for the soul. So take a moment to be thankful that Americans are finally almost ready to awaken from the long national nightmare of marijuana prohibition. Someday you’ll be telling the young’uns that people used to be locked in cages for partaking of the herb, and they’ll be all, “Oh, Grandpa, it was never really like that, was it?”
While you’re at it, think profoundly thankful thoughts of all those everywhere who are working so hard to legalize cannabis, so that you are no longer considered a criminal and are once again welcomed as a valued member of society.
Hempy Thanksgiving, everyone!