Colorado Legislators Unveil Medical Marijuana Plan

Cannabinated Colorado: Medical marijuana regulations are coming to the Mile High State.

​Two Colorado legislators today unveiled their plan for regulating medical marijuana in the state via an extraordinary guest editorial in The Denver Post.

“Colorado voters spoke clearly when they passed a constitutional amendment that permitted medical marijuana use, but the amendment left many oversight and regulatory questions unanswered,” wrote State Sen. Chris Romer (D-Denver) and State Rep. Tom Massey (R-Poncha Springs) in the opinion piece. “That is why we are acting in 2010 to honor the intent of the constitution and help patients.”

State Sen. Chris Romer (left) and State Rep. Tom Massey

​The legislators stress the need for a regulatory model that will both destigmatize medical marijuana and make it available for patients, and also keep it out of the hands of recreational users and black market dealers.
“The general public needs to know that medical marijuana dispensaries and growers are conducting business exclusively with patients, not recreational users or criminals,” Romer and Massey wrote.
The legislators offer details of their proposed bill:

• Dispensaries would be subject to regular auditing and reporting requirements.

• There must be a limit on the amount of marijuana produced and sold at any licensed premise.

• Small, unlicensed cooperatives — one caregiver and up to two patients — may operate if they adhere to the limits of the law and register with the state.

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“…If we focus on helping patients… while appropriately regulating the market, there is no doubt we can create a common sense policy that works for Coloradans,” the legislators wrote.