Colorado Should Defend Medical Marijuana Providers In Federal Cases: State Senator


​Colorado should pay to defend medical marijuana growers and dispensaries in court if federal authorities arrest them in the future, a state senator said Sunday.

The provision was part of a plan unveiled yesterday by State Senator Chris Romer, reports Jessica Fender at The Denver Post.

Romer, a Denver Democrat, is proposing legislation to regulate the booming medical marijuana industry in Colorado. He wants to use a state database to track growers and their plants for health, safety, and law enforcement purposes, he told a crowd at a medical marijuana health fair.
State Sen. Chris Romer: “We should defend our citizens from the federal government”

​The state senator acknowledged that Colorado growers, who have operated on the down-low for decades, need assurances before handing over information that could later be used against them.
“If they come in as licensed growers according to our rules, absolutely we should defend them,” Romer said. “They did what we told them to do, and we should defend our citizens from the federal government.
Romer said putting the guaranteed state defense into law would help to prevent frivolous federal prosecutions.
Many at the cannabis health fair were skeptical of Romer’s proposals, including a proposed 4,500-patient limit each dispensary can serve at a maximum of three locations.