High Alpine: Colorado Ski Town Almost Ready For Legal Pot On January 1


Photo: David Shankbone
With views like this AND legal pot, what’s not to like about Breckenridge?

‚ÄčThe place looks like a storybook, and on January 1, the story’s getting a lot cooler. Plans for implementation of a voter-approved citywide legalization of marijuana in the Colorado ski resort town of Breckenridge are nearly complete.

In response to the voter initiative which passed Nov. 3, when an overwhelming 71 percent of Breckenridge voters approved removing all penalties for pot, the town council has prepared a draft ordinance making it legal for those 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of dank.

Of course, the buzz-kills waste no time in reminding you that non-medical use of marijuana is still illegal under Colorado state law, and all use of marijuana is against federal law. Use of marijuana at the Breckenridge ski area is still illegal under the Colorado Ski Safety Act. Oh, and selling any amount of pot is still illegal, even in Breckenridge.
But, still. Breckenridge, which had the first post office between the Continental Divide and Salt Lake City, is out in front on this. The county seat of Summit County has reached the summit of stoner coolness.
Whenever we think of Breckenridge, we can smile and think to ourselves: “That can happen here.”