Denver Public Radio Commentator: The War On Drugs Has Failed



‚ÄčA commentator on Denver public radio has called the War on Drugs a failure, and has endorsed the legalization of marijuana.

“As a nation we have been waging a war of attrition against ourselves in which the winner is none other than narco-traffickers south of the border,” said KUNC commentator Dr. Pius Kamau. “We have fought a valiant but losing war on drugs.”
“We must be cognizant of the fact that the cost of incarcerating 2 million Americans for drug offenses is bankrupting this nation,” Dr. Kamau said. “And experience has shown that the best way to deal with those addicted to drugs is not prison. It is therapy.”

Dr. Pius Kamau: “Legalizing the growing and use of medical marijuana is a watershed moment worth celebrating”

‚ÄčKamau applauded the legalization of cannabis for medical use in his home state of Colorado. “Legalizing the growing and use of medical marijuana is a watershed moment worth celebrating,” he said. “It shows a new way of looking at pot and pot use. My hope is that reason and common sense will inform our judgment when it comes to decriminalizing marijuana use.”
Born in Kenya and trained in Spain, Dr. Kamau has been in surgical practice in the Denver area for three decades. He has been a columnist for The Rocky Mountain News and has written for The Denver Post. His commentaries have been featured on NPR, in the Huffington Post, and in other national magazines and newspapers.