Marijuana Legalization Will Be On California’s 2010 Ballot

California’s 2010 election: Be there, or be square.

​Californians will get a chance to vote on legalizing marijuana next November.

The Tax & Regulate Cannabis 2010 ballot initiative has gathered the 650,000 signatures it needs to get the issue on the November 2010 ballot, according to Daniela Perdomo at AlterNet.
If passed, the initiative would legalize marijuana for all adults in California.
“This is the next step to sane cannabis policies and the end to the hypocrisy and unjust prohibition of cannabis,” sponsor Richard Lee told AlterNet.
One recent poll showed 54 percent support among Californians for legalization.
According to Lee, polls showing majority support for legalization and taxation of marijuana, along with the recession, mean that the initiative could be viewed as a watershed, and even a first step in changing federal marijuana laws.
Activist Richard Lee: “We believe the people are ahead of the politicians on this issue”

​”We believe the people lead the politicians on this issue,” Lee said in June.
The initiative would legalize up to an ounce of pot for adults 21 and older, and would allow cities the option of regulating and taxing the herb. Adults would be allowed to grow cannabis in a space no larger than 5 feet by 5 feet.
The ballot initiative isn’t the only chance for more realistic pot laws in California. Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s (D-San Francisco) bill in the state legislature would regulate marijuana much like alcohol. Under Ammiano’s plan, marijuana would taxed at $50 per ounce and bring an estimated $1 billion annually into state coffers.
Lee is the man behind Oaksterdam, the marijuana education institution that anchors the pot-friendly section of Oakland, Calif.