Mass. Cops Claim Home Marijuana Grow Worth Half A Million


“More than half a million dollars worth of marijuana plants”?

Well, who knows how much credit to give cop dope estimates, but any way you count it, more than 500 plants were taken from a suburban Massachusetts home.

FOX25 in Boston reports on the “major pot bust,” with hundreds of plants seized from a Center Street home in Brockton, Mass.

The cops got wind of the grow project a couple days ago when an officer said he smelled marijuana emanating from the house.
After getting a search warrant — the smell of cannabis is considered probable cause — police said they found “more than $30,000 in growing equipment, the likes of which they had never seen before,” reports Martin Morenz at FOX25.
Nobody was arrested at the home; officers are “looking to track down those responsible for the operation,” including the owner of the home and at least two other suspects.
I’m betting none of “those responsible” have even looked behind them yet.
(Special thanks to Mike Cann over at for bringing this one to my attention.)