No Merry-Wanna Christmas For Kiwi Prisoners


Photo: Cannabis Culture

​Some unfortunate inmates who thought they’d be high for the holidays got the equivalent of coal in their stockings this weekend.

A raid on the cars and bags of visitors to Manawatu Prison in New Zealand uncovered “a large quantity” of cannabis, according to Corrections Officer Tracey Sinclair, reports 3 News.
Corrections Department staff, police and drug dogs searched about 50 visitors at a checkpoint outside the prison over the weekend.

Photo: Ingolfson

​”We got a huge cannabis head,” a thrilled Sinclair said. “We even had a case where someone wrapped cannabis and taped it on to a green page of a magazine so that you nearly missed it when flipping through.”
Pipes and disguised “drinking bottles” used for smoking pot were also confiscated.
After the visitor search, prison guards raided the cells of 281 prisoners and the shakedown found more jail-made pipes.