Thousand-Plant Pot Bust In Louisiana Trailer


Photo: Louisiana State Police
Sea of green: Troopers say they discovered between 1,000 and 1,500 plants

​Police say they’ve arrested a 37-year-old man after finding between 1,000 and 1,500 marijuana plants growing in a trailer next to his home in Ponchatoula, La.

State Police Trooper Nick Manale told WWLTV the plants found in the “elaborate growing operation” had an “estimated value of about $1.8 million.”
Cannabis was discovered growing in the trailer, home, and garage of Jack Methvin.
The operation to find the plants started after the State Police Narcotics division got a tip that Methvin was growing pot, according to Manale.

Photo: Louisiana State Police
I’m guessing this was the veg room.

​​Detectives used a search warrant for the trailer adjacent to Methvin’s home and found it stuffed full of plants.
After that discovery, deputies got additional warrants to search the man’s home and garage, where they found more plants.
Methvin is facing charges for cultivation of marijuana, possession within intent to distribute and illegal possession of a firearm. He was booked into Tangipahoa Parish Jail in Amite, La.