Top Drug Cop Killed In Honduras


Photo: Zack Clark
Honduran police face a tough fight with drug traffickers, despite plenty of Yankee dollars.

‚ÄčThe top anti-drug cop in Honduras was killed by unidentified gunmen on Tuesday, a national police spokesman told CNN, Mariano Castillo reports.

Gen. Julian Gonzalez, director of the Office for Combatting Drug Trafficking, was shot in his SUV by two people on a motorcycle, according to police spokesman Orlin Cerrato.
No arrests have been made, and the investigation remains active, Cerrato said.

According to the spokesman, Gonzalez was struck by six to nine bullets and died at the scene.
In March, Gonzalez announced a large bust of more than tons of cocaine. The drugs were seized aboard a boat headed from Venezuela to Honduras.
The United States Navy “assisted” Honduran military officials to confiscate the cocaine, which was trying to blend in with fishing boats to sneak toward the coast, according to media reports at the time.