Brit Tabloid (Non)Shocker: Michael Bublé Loves Weed, Munchies And Sex


Photo: Jeanie Mackinder
Bastard’s stoned out of his gourd! Look at him!

​Michael Bublé, he of the wholesome image and music, may just be a regular guy after all.

The clean-cut singer’s embittered ex-girlfriend is doing a lot of talking to the U.K. media. Tiffany Bromley told the press that Bublé regularly smoked marijuana, then would stuff himself with biscuits and cakes to assuage the raging pot munchies.
Yeah, I know; seems like pretty tame stuff to the rest of us, but remember: This is Michael freakin’ Bublé, dudes.
“Michael smoked up to three joints a day when I was with him,” ex-girlfriend Bromley told News of the World.
“He always had a couple in his wash bag ready to go,” the ex-model turned hairpiece maker told the press. “He insisted it was his way of winding down at the end of the day. But sometimes he started the day with one.”
Oh, horrors. Michael Bublé wakes and bakes!
Thing is, Bublé himself beat his pissed-off ex-girlfriend to the punch, a couple of months ago.
Late last year, the singer confessed his marijuana use and partying ways in an interview published in Britain’s The Sun tabloid.

Photo: The Hollywood Gossip
Michael Bublé and Tiffany Bromley in happier times. I think she looks even higher than he does.

​Bublé decried his record company’s selling of him as a “clean-cut Canadian boy,” and said he was a lot wilder than the image they were peddling.
Bublé said he regularly bought marijuana on the streets of Vancouver as a young man, and continued the partying after becoming famous.
“I grew up in Vancouver, which has the best weed in the world and good alcohol,” Bublé said. “You can score just walking down the street, so I did. I’ve never done cocaine or heroin or anything stronger. But I don’t see anything wrong with relaxing with a joint.”
Ex-girlfriend Bromley said the singer defended his cannabis use by claiming it enhanced his creativity.
“But he had a regular cough,” she said, “and that’s not good for a singer.”
Besides the cough, the pot gave Bublé, 34, one heck of an appetite.
“It was part of Michael’s routine to smoke late at night,” Bromley said. “Then he always got hungry. He’d raid the hotel mini-bar and eat three or four Snickers bars in one go — plus pistachios, peanuts, sweets and licorice. He had an enormous appetite.”
“When I flew to see him in Los Angeles he made a point of making me bring a box of Canadian chocolate cream Mae West cakes for the band,” Bromley said. “But after a smoke he munched his way through most of them like someone who hadn’t eaten for months.”

Photo: The Hollywood Gossip
This photo of Michael Bublé was allegedly taken by mistress Tiffany Bromley with her cell phone.

​Speaking of enormous appetites, Bromley also claimed Bublé likes lots of sex — imagine that! — and hell, he even uses curse words all the time. Which once again wouldn’t be such a thing if it weren’t for the singer’s squeaky clean image.
In 2008, The Hollywood Gossip printed what it said was a photo of Bublé taken by Bromley with her cell phone as the singer lay nude in her bed. The singer’s then-steady girlfriend, Emily Blunt, broke up with him after the photos hit the Web.
Bromley and Bublé dated on and off for a decade, according to News of the World.