Ganja Girls: High Hotties Turn Heads For Hemp

Ganja Girl Veronica Bully makes guys wish they were a bong.

​Poet Allen Ginsberg got it exactly right more than 50 years ago: Pot is Fun.

Even through all the political struggles currently facing the marijuana consumer, it’s important never to lose sight of that essential fact. For many of us, the enjoyment of cannabis is just another way to affirm the joy of being alive.
For those of us who just aren’t into being uptight around such issues, the three B’s — Buds, Bongs, and Babes — are a potent triumvirate of our very favorite, most life-affirming impulses.
One man who understands that well is Mike Smith, who founded the site just a few months ago.
In addition to lots of useful grow tips, HTGB regularly features “Ganja Girls” photos from readers and members of the marijuana community, in which attractive ladies let their hair down and fire their bongs up for freedom.
Mike, 29, told Toke of the Town he has been smoking pot since the age of 14, “with the exception of a six-year break when I joined the Army.”

​Mike’s wife was diagnosed as terminally ill two years ago. “She requires a lot of marijuana to even walk around, and it made me angry that the medicine that helps her was so taboo, that we were ashamed to tell anyone,” Mike said.
“It took me a long time to learn how to get legal marijuana and then eventually learn how to grow it,” Mike told us. “I then decided to tell everyone, and that I had nothing to be ashamed of.”

​”In my struggles I decided to make a website that could make it easier for people like me to figure the whole marijuana thing out, i.e., by having many pictures and video tutorials in an easy-to-navigate website,” Mike said.
“I wanted others to have an easier time getting to the self-sufficient point that I’m at right now.”
The Coming of the Ganja Girls
“The only thing more attractive than a beautiful girl is a beautiful girl with bloodshot eyes who loves to blaze,” Mike says with a grin. “This isn’t just some catchy phrase; I actually think this.”
When Mike does a photo shoot with the Ganja Girls, “the first thing I say is I only have three rules: no nudity, you have to be high, and you must be 18 or older,” he told us.
“I find the girls feel more comfortable knowing I’m not going to eventually ask them to take off their clothes or do something weird,” Mike said. “They do the poses they want to do and I only put up the photos they approve.”
“The whole point of the Ganja Girl section,” Mike told us, “is to show people, especially middle aged women, that ‘pothead’ and ‘sexy’ can be in the same sentence.”

​”A lot of times I find that women have the worst stigmas about marijuana. They think it will make you a ‘greasy hippie’ or fat, but we potheads know that’s not the case, and I just want to show that. The Ganja Girl section accepts beautiful women of all ages and races, as long as you love ganja.”
According to Mike, the reaction to the Ganja Girls, as to the HTGB site itself, has been very positive.
“People absolutely love the Ganja Girls section,” Mike told us. “I haven’t even had to delete any bad comments — they have all been positive!”
Who Are Potheads?
“Who are potheads?” Mike asks rhetorically. “This is a question to which most people think they know the answer.”
“If you ask my grandpa he’ll say ‘Potheads are those guys who hang out in front of the grocery store, bumming cigarettes from everyone who walks by.’
“If you ask a middle-aged school teacher they might say, ‘Potheads are the delinquent students who hang out at the back of the school and always come late to class.’


“Pretty much if you ask anyone who only knows about marijuana from what they learned in health class, ignorant religious people or any government-sponsored commercial, their answer will almost always be something negative,” Mike points out.

​”Potheads are a subculture and the ‘sub’ in subculture is slowly fading away, because our numbers are growing. Actually, our numbers have always been large, but just recently a lot of people started coming out of the so-called ‘grow closet.’
“Either way, we are a culture,” Mike said, “and like all cultures, we have our delinquents and people that make the rest of us look bad; that is the extent of it, nothing more.

​”My goal isn’t to tell you in detail about who we aren’t. I’m here to tell you who we are,” Mike said.
“We are your neighbors and friends.
“We are your mailmen and your bus drivers.
“We have Christmas dinner with our families.
“We give and receive love.
“We are kindergarten teachers and computer technicians.
“We go to PTA meetings and play chess at the park.
“We are black, white, brown, and speak every language on Earth.
“We care about others and can have our feelings hurt.
“We like classical, country, punk, oldies and any other kind of music.
“We are the people who helped you change a flat tire on the freeway.
“We are your doctors and nurses.
“We are college teachers and college students.
“We are rich. We are poor.

​”No matter who you are or where you live, you already know us, care about us and are involved in our lives; you just didn’t know we were potheads because we don’t fit your ignorant stereotype.
“Stay blind if you want, but you’re only making the ones you care about keep a needless secret, and if you are reading this, shaking your head in disgust, stop for a minute and ask yourself why is it so bad, and then question your source of information.”
Mike welcomes you to visit and participate in’s Bud Forums (click here).