Nebraska Campus Group Advocates Marijuana Legalization


Graphic: UNK NORML

​A group of University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) students has joined the movement to legalize marijuana.

The UNK chapter of NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, is working to educate students about cannabis and lobby for its legalization, reports Sara Giboney of the Kearney Hub.
“From a national standpoint, we want to educate the public in order to get a body of voters to push legislators to overturn marijuana prohibition,” said UNK NORML President Matt Cass.
“I want it to be legalized so people can see it’s not as harmful as they think,” Cass, a political science major, said. “It’s less harmful than alcohol and tobacco.”

UNK NORML started up during the fall semester last year. At Blue and Gold Day, nearly 200 people signed up to receive information about the group and be alerted of events. About 20 people have attended each of two meetings.
The group’s initial request for approval from the student senate was denied. Senators were concerned the group would advocate the use of marijuana and didn’t want the university’s name tied to such a group.
The executive board rewrote the group’s constitution, including new language pledging that the group wouldn’t promote the use of illegal drugs. The constitution was then approved, and then group became active last fall.

Photo: Matthew Cass, Facebook
Matt Cass, president, UNK NORML: “My dream is that Nebraska can go green and for all of Nebraska to be educated about marijuana”

​”My ultimate goal is to leave behind an organization that is self-sustaining,” Cass said. “My dream is that Nebraska can go green and for all of Nebraska to be educated about marijuana.”
Cass said he hopes Nebraska’s farmers will learn about the economic benefits of growing marijuana.
This semester, UNK NORML plans to show more documentaries, organize a marijuana debate and organize a peaceful protest at the state capitol in Lincoln.
For more information on UNK NORML, email [email protected] or go to the group’s Facebook page. For more information on NORML, visit