New Poll: 56 Percent Favor Marijuana Legalization In Washington


Photo: alapoet
Signage at the Seattle Marijuana March, Washington. A solid majority of Washingtonians support legalization, according to a new poll.

‚ÄčA solid majority, 56 percent, of Washingtonians believe legalizing marijuana is a “good idea,” according to a new poll.
The poll of 500 adults in the state, conducted for Seattle TV station KING 5 by SurveyUSA, asked respondents: “State lawmakers are considering making marijuana possession legal. Do you think legalizing marijuana is a good idea? Or a bad idea?”
Thirty-six percent of respondents described legalizing pot as a “bad idea,” while eight percent weren’t sure. The poll had a margin of error of 4.4 percent.

Almost two-thirds of men, 64 percent, favored legalization, while only 48 percent of women thought it was a good idea.
Support was broad and deep across all age groups from 18 to 64. Only among those 65 or older did support drop to 32 percent, with 64 percent of the 65+ respondents describing legalization as a bad idea.
“Sensible Washington is pleased by these kinds of numbers which indicate a strong willingness among Washingtonians to reform marijuana laws in this state,” the group behind a new marijuana legalization voter initiative said in a press release.
“And that’s just what Sensible Washington is aiming to do with its proposed ballot initiative, filed on January 11, 2009, which would remove all criminal penalties from adult use, possession, and cultivation of marijuana in the State of Washington,” the group said.
“Another indicator of just how much attitudes around marijuana have changed in this state in recent years is that a major media outlet such as KING-TV would even spend its own money on having SurveyUSA conduct a poll,” Sensible Washington said.
Donations to the Sensible Washington ballot initiative can be made here. Questions about the group and its forthcoming campaign may be emailed to You can also add Sensible Washington on Facebook.