Time To Get New Insulation: Brit Police Use Melted Snow To Find ‘Cannabis Factories’


Photo: Dmcroof
These folks must not be growing pot. Or maybe they just have good insulation.

‚ÄčIf the snow on your roof melts a little faster than that on your neighbors’, you may be getting a visit from the police — at least if you live in Leicestershire, U.K.

Prematurely melting snow can be a clue that the house is being used as a “cannabis factory,” police say, according to the BBC, which in a stoop to yellow journalism called the grow houses “drug dens.”
Officers in Leicestershire are asking residents to turn in their neighbors if their roof-top snow melts too fast. They said marijuana grows were equipped with high-intensity lighting, which generates lots of heat.

Police officials said they hoped to use the cold weather to find more “factories.”
“This is another clue that members of the public should be aware of,” said Police Sgt. Mel Thomas. “If the snow has melted from a neighbor’s house when everywhere else still has a covering, it could indicate that the house is being used for growing cannabis.”
On Wednesday, officers found more than 100 plants at a house in Hinckley. They found 200 more at Leicester Forest East on the same day.
One man remains in custody with the Leicester Forest East find, while no arrests have resulted from the Hinckley grow.