Who Grows The Best Weed In Colorado? Contest Aims To Find Out


Photo: Westword
The Western Slope Cannabis Crown competition could include 400 strains. Oh, to be a judge!

‚ÄčA marijuana festival in Aspen, Colorado, this spring will be the first in the state where medical growers can put their strains in a contest.

The Western Slope Cannabis Crown expects about 50 growers to enter their strains of cannabis, reports Carolyn Sackariason at The Aspen Times.
The contest will be held April 17-18 at the Gant.
The Cannabis Crown is open to the public and will include speakers, live music, information booths, and, of course, the strain competition where growers will vie for the “Crown.”
“We want to get the best of the best in there,” said festival organizer Bobby Scurlock.
Whereas such contests (beginning with what may be the granddaddy of ’em all, the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam) have traditionally been decided by human judges, the Western Slope Cannabis Crown will add a new wrinkle: The marijuana strains will be diagnostically tested for their THC levels by Denver-based Full Spectrum Laboratories (I hope they’re planning on testing CBD levels as well, since that affects the high).

Strains will also be tested for how well they relieve patients’ ailments. And, yes: Patients will be able to vote on a “People’s Choice” strain.
According to Scurlock, the “People’s Choice” will narrow down the field for the Crown, but the ultimate winner will be based on the diagnostic test.
Growers will be allowed to sell to medical marijuana patients. Only registered Colorado patients will be able to buy products from vendors, and sales will have to occur outside the conference at an Aspen hotel.
According to Scurlock, the marijuana sampling will likely be done in a private condo or room where the providers are staying.
“This is not about potheads running around the streets,” Scurlock said. “This conference is to enlighten people and talk about the benefits, and its economic impact.
Scurlock hopes this year’s event is a big enough success that it can grow into a week-long conference next year.
According to co-organizer Nathan Traul, co-owner of High Country Caregivers, as many as 400 strains could be featured at the conference. His company alone will enter 40 strains.
“The reception has been great,” Traul told the Times.
There will also be entries for edible forms of marijuana, such as cannabis-infused brownies.
According to organizer Scurlock, about 1,500 tickets have already been sold for the two-day event. Tickets are $25.
Proceeds from raffles will benefit disaster relief for Haiti. Items to be raffled include grow room kits, vaporizers and other merchandise.
To learn more about the conference:
Email cannabiscrown@yahoo.com or call High Country Caregivers at (970) 945-2492.