Denver Pot Dispensaries Will Soon Need Plenty Of Papers


Photo: brooklynmachineworks
Do you enjoy filling out paperwork? Then you’d love operating a dispensary in Denver.

‚ÄčMedical marijuana dispensaries in Denver will soon be needing papers — lots of them — and we aren’t talking about Zig-Zags.

The Mile-High City starts accepting dispensary license applications on February 8. All dispensaries operating in Denver must file such an application by March 1, reports Patricia Calhoun at Westword.
This application is in addition to the regular city sales tax license dispensaries already had to apply for by December 15 in order to be exempted from zoning provisions and other restrictions, including a 1,000-foot buffer zone between dispensaries and schools, day-care centers, and even other dispensaries.
More than 400 dispensaries applied for the sales tax license, according to Westword.
Now, to stay in business, they’ll need to apply for a dispensary license, as well.

And getting that dispensary license is going to require a mountain of paperwork.
When applying for a dispensary license, applicants will need to present not just their sales tax license, but a lease or deed, a floor plan, a security plan, an area map, a zoning permit, a burglar alarm permit and even the fingerprints of everyone who owns 10 percent or more of the business.
Oh, and those fingerprints are for a background check, which means all of those people will need to be there, too.
“To avoid processing delays and applicant disqualifications, it’s extremely important that applicants for this license submit complete applications, including all required documents, said Penny May, director of excise and licenses in Denver.
For Denver dispensary operators wishing to apply for a license, the forms are available here.