Is Kansas Ready For Medical Marijuana?



‚ÄčA bill has been introduced in the Kansas Legislature to legalize marijuana for medical use.

Although the bill, which comes from Rep. Gail Finney (D-Wichita), doesn’t have much a chance, “It’s the right thing to do,” Finney said.
Her bill was introduced the same week that lawmakers voted to make the Sunflower State the first in the nation to outlaw fake marijuana, reports David Klepper of the Kansas City Star.
Finney’s bill, like medical marijuana laws adopted in New Mexico, Rhode Island, and Maine, would set up state-registered “compassionate care centers” where those with a doctor’s recommendation can buy cannabis.
The bill would require that all medical marijuana used in the state be grown in Kansas.

A hearing hasn’t been scheduled in the Legislature for Finney’s bill.
Rep. Brenda Landwehr (R-Wichita), who chairs the House health committee, has said she opposes medical marijuana, but is open to holding hearings “if there’s enough time.”