Florida Man Thrown In Jail For Telling Police Dog To ‘Sit’


Photo: The Patriot-News
“That’s a good boy… We wont let those mean old potheads talk to my good boy anymore, no we won’t…”

​A Florida man has been charged with striking a police animal for telling a drug dog to “sit.”

Mario Duane Porter, 21, of Gainesville, was charged last week with “striking a police animal” (which supposedly includes “interfering with a working police animal”), disorderly conduct, possession of drug paraphernalia and refusing to sign a citation for violating the city’s noise and window tint ordinances, reports Karen Voyles of The Gainesville Sun.

Alachua County Jail
Mario Duane Porter wishes he never told that stupid freakin’ dog to sit

​Porter was pulled over by the police because his car stereo was so loud that it was audible more than 25 feet beyond the vehicle, according to Gainesville Police Officer David Blizzard.
In an arrest report, Blizzard noted that during the stop, Porter “was being belligerent and vulgar, yelling profanities.”
A police drug dog was brought to the scene to check Porter’s car, trying to get “probable cause” to search the car for contraband.
According to Officer Blizzard’s arrest report, Porter began shouting “loud commands to ‘sit’ … which interrupted the K9 from his duties. The K9 stopped twice while walking the vehicle and looking in the direction of [Porter] who was giving those commands.”
Once Porter had been “quieted” and the dog resumed checking the vehicle, Officer Blizzard said it alerted on the car to indicate the possible presence of drugs.
A small plastic bag containing “marijuana residue” was found under the front passenger seat, Blizzard claimed.
Porter was put in the Alachua County Jail.