Man Who Disrupted Flight Claims He Ate Cannabis Cookies


Dude. Back slowly away from the cookies.

​A California man who started acting weird on a cross-country flight Sunday is facing federal charges of interfering with the flight. He claims he’d had too many cannabis cookies.

Kinman Chan, of San Francisco, was going from Philadelphia to S.F. aboard a US Airways flight, when he began acting bizarrely, reports Paula Reed Ward at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
At first, Chan was waving, smiling and making “odd gestures” to a flight attendant, according to a criminal complaint.
He then went to the restroom. Shortly after, the other passengers noticed unearthly screams emanating from the loo.


​When another crew member knocked on the restroom door, Chan came out with his pants down.
The airline employee tried to get the uncooperative Chan, trousers around his knees, back to his seat. But the passenger became aggressive, and reportedly tried to hit a stewardess.
She was able to dodge the blow, and “then grabbed Chan’s right arm, locked it behind his back, jumped into the seat behind him and put him in a choke hold to restrain him,” the complaint said.
Damn, that’s bad-ass. Remind me never to screw with the stewardesses on a US Airways flight!
Chan’s hands were then restrained, and the flight landed in Pittsburgh without further event.
Chan, who was coming back home from a conference in the Dominican Republic, admitted causing the disturbance.
He told federal agents he’d eaten marijuana cookies while waiting for his connecting flight in Philadelphia. He told them he had a medical marijuana card, and that he took double his normal dose.
Message to Mr. Chan from Toke of the Town: Clearly, these cookies are too strong for you to safely consume. Bring them by our office and we’ll “destroy” them for you.