Marijuana Legalization Growing Strong In The Pacific Northwest


Graphic: KATU-TV
Legalization is gaining momentum in the Pacific Northwest — and the promise of big tax money is proving hard to resist for some legislators.

‚ÄčThanks to Toke of the Town‘s good friend Michael Bachara of Hemp News for alerting us to a KATU-TV news report on the legalization movement in Oregon and Washington (see video below).

Although reporter Anna Song somehow completely misses covering the Sensible Washington voter initiative signature drive, she does interview the very cool Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson (D-Seattle) of the Washington Legislature.
“We are treating marijuana like we treated alcohol during Prohibition,” Dickerson says, “and it doesn’t make sense.”

The TV report takes a look at how much states stand to gain from legalizing marijuana ($1.7 billion over the next decade, for Washington), and of course covers both “pro” and “anti” people when it comes to legalization.
Included is some very cool footage from inside Oregon’s Cannabis Cafe.
One of my favorite moments is when reporter Song asks Oregon NORML’s Madeline Martinez, “So you just put one teaspoon?” (of cannabis extract in her tea).
Martinez, a woman definitely after my heart, answers, “Actually, I’d put two.”
My other favorite moment is head shop owner Mark Herer, proprietor of the Third Eye, with this classic on-camera quote:
“I’ve met a lot of screwed up people in my days; I’ve met a lot of potheads in my days. Most of the potheads I know are not screwed up people.”
Anti-marijuana activist/construction magnate Dan Harmon’s hackneyed arguments remind us of what we’re up against.
See the entire two-part report in the video below.

(YouTube video courtesy Professor MMU)