Ohio Man Kills Himself After Son Rats Him Out For Marijuana


Photo: Portage County Jail
Robert Batsch: Another victim of the war on pot

​Police said a 55-year-old man killed himself Tuesday after he and his wife were charged with child endangering in connection with growing marijuana.

Robert Batsch and his wife Pamela, 54, of Rootstown, Ohio, were arrested Monday on warrants of allowing a juvenile to live in their home where marijuana was being grown. Their son told school officials about the marijuana, which led to a police investigation, reports Michael Sangiacomo of Cleveland.com.
Pamela found Robert’s body with a .22 rifle in the woods behind their home about noon on Tuesday, according to Portage County Sheriff David Doak.
A spokesman for the Portage County Coroner said Batsch’s death would be declared a suicide.

Portage County Jail
Pamela Batsch

​Batsch and his wife had been released on $5,000 bond on Monday, the same day they were arrested.
“The dad got rid of everything once he got wind of the fact that his son had told school officials about the grow operation,” Doak said. “When we got there, there was no marijuana present.”
What have we become in America?