Pot Smoker Accused Of Trying To Bribe Urine Tester


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​A pot-smoking parolee in Colorado is facing criminal charges after allegedly offering a cash bribe to try to pass a drug test.

Chad M. Thomas, 34, of Palisade, Colorado, tried January 2 to bribe a state worker to allow him to use a device called a “Whizzinator” to pass a drug test he had to take as a condition of his parole, police said, reports Paul Shockley at The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.
Thomas said he had a medical marijuana card and did not want to go back to prison, but officials claimed they couldn’t confirm whether he was a legal patient.
Convicted felons are allowed to get medical marijuana cards under Colorado law, but those on parole must still pass tests for “illegal drugs.”

Photo: Mesa County Jail
Chad Thomas: Caught with his pants down and his Whizzinator out

​The Colorado Legislature is currently considering new rules that would prevent people on parole from getting medical marijuana cards.
Prosecutors claim Thomas tried to bribe the state worker with $300 after the worker caught him trying to use the Whizzinator, a device of tubing and heater packs attached to a prosthetic penis used to beat drug tests by storing pre-screened clean urine.
The Whizzinator, available in several skin tones, can be purchased online for $120 to $150.
According to an arrest warrant affidavit reported by The Daily Sentinel on Thursday, a caseworker became suspicious after the parolee tried to block the worker’s view while he was providing his urine sample.
When Thomas was asked to raise his shirt and lower his trousers, the Whizzinator sprang proudly into view, attached to a white strap around his waist.
The parolee allegedly offered the state worker $300 — then $500 — to throw away the Whizzinator, asking “if money would make this go away.” The worker refused.
The state employee confiscated the Whizzinator, and Thomas left.
Thomas called state parole officials that same day, claiming he had panicked after smoking marijuana on New Year’s Day, the anniversary of his father’s death, saying he was “having a very hard time dealing with it.”
Thomas now faces felony bribery charges. He is being held in Mesa County Jail.
He was on parole for a “menacing” conviction from 2007.