Colorado Lawmakers Want To Bar Cities From Banning Marijuana Dispensaries


Photo: David Walter Banks
Boulder County Caregivers employees Randy (left) and Peter Kurzawski, behind the counter, help customers at the dispensary in Boulder, Colorado.

‚ÄčA Colorado House committee wants to bar communities in the state from banning medical marijuana dispensaries.

The House Judiciary Committee said Monday that communities already have the power to license and zone the dispensaries, making a ban unnecessary.
Lawmakers aren’t sure if the laws apply to home rule communities like Denver, reports The Associated Press.
The committee rejected a proposal that would have allowed veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to use medical marijuana, saying lawmakers “shouldn’t be making medical decisions.”

Is this really the same body that has spent months writing a bill that would micro-manage every aspect of Colorado’s medical marijuana dispensary business, from hours of operation, to security measures, to a positively medieval-sounding requirement that dispensary licensees would have to be “of good moral character” and pass background checks.