D.A.’s Political Roast Pokes Fun At Pot Patients While Partiers Get Plastered


Photo: RBerteig
Los Angeles County D.A. Steve Cooley’s idea of a good time is to make fun of medical marijuana patients while getting drunk.

​Medical marijuana patients were among the punchlines at a rowdy roast last week honoring pot-hating Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley. There were plenty of gags involving Cooley’s crackdown on medical marijuana, with each guest receiving rolling papers in a package reading, “Cooley’s Collective.”

​Cooley, who apparently long ago gave up even the appearance of being fair and impartial when it comes to medical pot, evidently finds humor in the plight of Los Angeles patients who are facing  an uncertain future due to safe access being put in jeopardy because of his policies.
While Cooley and his cronies are quick to poke fun at marijuana users — even sick and dying medical marijuana patients — drinking must be OK.
After Cooley’s roast the top financial official in Los Angeles, Miguel Santana, was arrested in the San Gabriel Valley at 12:15 a.m., on his way home from the Cooley event, for drunk driving.

A California Highway Patrol officer made the traffic stop after seeing Santana’s car traveling at a high rate of speed on a surface street. City Administrative Officer Santana, 40, has already dutifully announced he is “entering rehab,” reports Phil Willon at the L.A. Times.
The politically ambitious Cooley, who last year grandly and infamously announced that “approximately zero” of Los Angeles’s dispensaries are operating legally, is seeking the Republican nomination for state attorney general.
As the Los Angeles City Council worked on an ordinance to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries last November, Cooley commented that the Council’s actions to legalize medical marijuana sales were “irrelevant, meaningless, and… reckless.”
D.A. Cooley said his office would “enforce the laws of the State of California, despite what the City Council [does].”
Cooley was the roastee at the annual Los Angeles Political Roast, a fundraiser to benefit the American Diabetes Association. The event drew about 900 people and raised $500,000, reports Rick Orlov of the L.A. Daily News.
The event, held at the new Marriott Hotel at L.A. Live, got off to a shaky start, Orlov reports, with fire alarms going off. Nobody left the room, though, as it was filled with city and county fire officials.