Feds Raid The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry


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The door to the THC Ministry’s upstairs space at 94 Kamehameha Avenue in Hilo was locked.

‚ÄčFederal drug agents raided the downtown Hilo sanctuary of The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry Wednesday morning, assisted by local police.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom Muehleck said that no one had yet been arrested or charged in connection with the raid, reports John Burnett at Stephens Media.
Shortly before 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, Muehleck declined to provide other details and would not say whether THC Ministry director and founder Roger Christie had been detained.
“There’s gonna be no comment from our office talking about anything that’s occurred in Hilo or on the Island of Hawaii at this point,” Muehleck said.

Photo: Roger Christie’s MySpace
Roger Christie of THC Ministry

‚ÄčLocal police directed inquiries to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Honolulu.
The door to the THC Ministry’s office was locked at 2:20 p.m. on Tuesday. A sign next to the door said that the ministry is open from 2-5 p.m weekdays.
Jared Fischer, 29, of Hilo, who was outside the ministry’s entrance, said it was unusual for the door to be locked during business hours.
“I’m totally upset,” said Fischer, who said he’s a church member and uses cannabis as a sacrament. Fischer said he tried calling the ministry’s phone and was surprised that nobody answered.
Fischer said he’d heard that “the DEA busted Roger Christie,” but that he was not at THC Ministry headquarters at the time. Fischer said he heard that “it happened sometime before noon.”
Christie is the director of the Peaceful Sky Alliance, a marijuana advocacy group that wrote a ballot initiative passed into law by 53 percent of Big Island voters in November. The initiative made adult personal marijuana use on private property the “lowest law enforcement priority.”