Five Teens Busted Smoking Pot In Sheriff’s Parking Lot



‚ÄčFive teens on a spring break road trip to Corpus Christie were caught smoking pot in a sheriff’s department parking lot Friday night in Roswell, New Mexico.

The stoned teens stopped in what they thought was a museum parking lot at 6:30 p.m. and partied down in what was actually the Chaves County Sheriff’s Department parking lot, reports Kris Lantz at KRQE.
Sheriff Rob Coon said a dispatcher noticed the teens’ “peculiar” behavior.
“They all got our and started passing a couple of marijuana pipes around,” Sheriff Coon said. “Our dispatchers had a clear shot right to where they were at.”

Dispatchers immediately sent deputies out to the parking lot to ask the teenagers what they were doing.

“They fessed up that they were smoking marijuana,” Coon said.
When deputies asked if the teens had any idea where they were, they replied, “Isn’t this a museum?” according to Coon.
Coon said his office catches people smoking pot all the time, but never right on their doorstep.
“That’s why they call it dope,” the sheriff said. “I mean, they were kind of morons when they pulled up in front of our office.”
The teens are identified as Corey Andresen, 18, Evan Godin, 18, Trevor Prien, 18, Nicolas Colightly, 19, and Tyler McWaters, 19. 
The teenagers were cited and released, and are scheduled to be in Chaves County Court on Friday.