Florida Man, 81, Arrested On Marijuana Charges


Photo: Marion County Sheriff’s Office
Carlton Griggs, 81, had more than four pounds of marijuana and 10 guns. He made the mistake of giving cops permission to search his car and home.

‚ÄčAn 81-year-old Florida man has been caught with more than four pounds of marijuana in his home, and has admitted to deputies that he sells pot.

Carlton Griggs, of Ocklawaha, Fla., told a deputy he had been selling pounds out of his home for the past two years, and used his Oldsmobile (perfect!) to meet people to sell them cannabis.
Griggs was arrested Wednesday, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, after Deputy Damon Baxley received a tip about possible drug sales at his home, reports Austin L. Miller of Ocala.com.
Baxley went to the area and parked close to Griggs’s home, waiting for backup. When another deputy arrived, they saw a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue pull out of the driveway.
As they followed the vehicle, Baxley noticed the driver, later identified as Griggs, was wobbling in his lane. The officers pulled the car over.
After Griggs gave Baxley permission to search his car (never do this, by the way), the deputy found a revolver with no serial numbers. Baxley then asked the old man if he “had anything” at his home; Griggs said no.

The O.G. then made another rookie mistake which would be a lot more excusable if he were only in his 20s: He allowed the deputies to follow him home and search his residence, according to the Sheriff’s Office.
At the home, deputies found several long guns under a bed, a revolver in a drawer and two loaded revolvers — one under the pillow on the bed! — in the master bedroom. A total of 10 guns was found; dude was ready for trouble.
Deputies, continuing their search, then found a trap door in the laundry room, which led down to a cellar. There they found the marijuana in a cooler.
Griggs then made his third major mistake of the day: He told Deputy Baxley the weed belonged to him, and volunteered the information that he’d been selling the stuff from his home for about two years, according to the Sheriff’s Office.
Griggs reportedly estimated that he’d sold a total of from 10 to 12 pounds of pot.
A plastic sandwich bag containing marijuana was found in Griggs’s left shirt pocket. Griggs, in his fourth major mistake, told Deputy Baxley that, when he got pulled over, he was on his way to a grocery store to meet someone and sell the weed, the Sheriff’s Office claims.
Deputies seized all the pot (a little more than four pounds), four of the guns (because they had no serial numbers), “drug paraphernalia,” and the poor old dude’s car.
Griggs was arrested and thrown in Marion County Jail. He is charged with drug possession with intent to sell, and possession of a firearm without a serial number.
He was released at 12:06 a.m. Thursday. A woman who answered the phone at his house said she was Griggs’s wife, but declined to comment. She said she did not think her husband would be available for an interview.
Pity the old dude couldn’t have adopted this policy before spilling his guts to the police!