Former NBA Star Found With Marijuana ‘Between His Buttocks’


Photo: The Salt Lake Tribune
Robert Whaley is learning that getting busted for pot can be a real pain in the ass.

‚ÄčPolice in Salt Lake County, Utah have arrested former Utah Jazz center Robert Whaley and found marijuana “between his buttocks,” according to a jail document.

Whaley, 27, had warrants for his arrest for absconding from probation in Michigan. A police document filed with Salt Lake County Jail said gang detectives stopped a car about 4:30 a.m. Thursday. Whaley was a passenger and was not wearing a seat belt, the document said, reports Nate Carlisle of The Salt Lake Tribune.
Unified Police Department Lt. Don Hutson said gang unit officers were monitoring apartment complexes which have had recent crime and gang problems, including shootings.
Detectives on gang patrol saw an occupied car sitting in a parking lot with no lights on, and investigated.
Whaley identified himself as Kareem Johnson, according to the document. Detectives were not fooled.
“They recognized him as being a former Jazz player,” Hutson said.

Police then discovered Whaley had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.
“Robert was also found to be in possession of several baggies of marijuana that he was holding between his buttocks,” a police officer wrote.
Hutson said he didn’t know how much marijuana Whaley had. If it is a small amount for personal use, prosecutors in Utah are unlikely to seek charges because that might delay Whaley’s return to Michigan, where he is wanted for probation violation, Hutson said.
Whaley remained in Salt Lake County Jail on Friday morning. The jail’s website says he is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail.
Hutson said there is no indication any other Jazz players were at the scene of the arrest. He also didn’t know why Whaley was in that neighborhood.
“We don’t know if he lives there or is visiting,” Hutson said.
A state of Michigan website lists Whaley as having a 2008 conviction for “maintaining a drug house.” It says he absconded from parole in that state.