Missouri: House Snuffs Out Medical Marijuana


Graphic: Joplin NORML

​The Missouri House snuffed out efforts to legalize medical marijuana during the middle of a debate on banning fake pot. One ignorant Representative called medical cannabis “a party, not an illness.”

The amendment, which popped up in a House debate to criminalize the “synthetic marijuana” sold under K2, Spice and other brand names, was voted down. But the bill banning fake pot received first-round approval, reports Marty Swant of the Columbia Missourian.
“Who are we to tell terminally ill patients that some substance that can provide them relief isn’t good enough for them?” said Rep. Jason Holsman (D-Jackson County), one of a small group of Democrats who pushed for the measure.
Holsman also said there were several other benefits to allowing limited medical usage of cannabis. He said it would keep non-violent drug offenders out of prisons, and allow the state to tax marijuana purchases.

“This is a way to relieve our court system, to provide relief to terminally ill patients, to trust our doctors and to raise revenue on top of it,” Holsman said.
But most legislators were still mired down in sad old stereotypes.

MO House of Representatives
Stupid As Flook: Rep. Tim Flook: “It’s about a party, not about illness”

​”It’s about a party, not about illness,” said the proudly ignorant Rep. Tim Flook (R-Liberty).
“You can look it up on YouTube, of would-be so-called patients in chronic pain in their doctor’s office, joking about their fake ailment right before they get their marijuana prescription,” Flook said, inadvertently revealing not only his callow cruelty, but also his almost infinite stupidity.
Those who’d like to email Rep. Tim Flook to give him a proper medical marijuana education can do so here: Tim.Flook@house.mo.gov
Missouri is the “Show Me” State. Be sure to “show” Rep. Flook know just what a “party” it is struggling with the terminal and debilitating illnesses which are treatable with medical marijuana.
The amendment was similar to a bill filed by Rep. Kate Meiners (D-Jackson County), which has not been assigned a committee.