Netherlands: Kidnapped Cannabis Cafe Owner Escapes


Photo: ZieZoZuid
Coffee shop owner Said Faggouss was kidnapped by masked gunmen from his business on Dec. 8.

​A Dutch man who was kidnapped from his cannabis-dispensing coffee shop in Amsterdam last December, escaped from his captors in Belgium on Tuesday, according to Dutch police.

“Despite the cuffs around his ankles, he managed to escape and alert the police at a petrol station,” Amsterdam police said in a statement, according to IOL.
Said Faggouss had been held since December against his will at a building in Maasmechelen in northeast Belgium.

Photo: ANP
A menu at Amsterdam’s Goed Goed Coffeeshop, from which owner Said Faggouss was kidnapped

​He appeared “healthy,” according to police.
Faggouss was grabbed from his Goed Goed coffee shop on December 8 by four men with automatic firearms, who then forced him into a delivery van and drove away.
Dutch investigators found a marijuana plantation at the place where Faggouss had been held, according to the police statement.
No arrests have been made in the case.
Dutch police would not give more details of the coffee shop owner’s escape, or of possible motives for his abduction.