Oregon Man Tests Whether Medical Pot Users Can Carry In Public


Photo: KATU
Medical marijuana patient Paul McClain: “I feel that I was complying with state regulations”

‚ÄčOregon medical marijuana patient Paul McClain is facing court next month on a charge he says he never expected. “If [they rule]according to the law…,” he said, “then I’m going to be exonerated.”

McClain goes on trial next month for illegal marijuana possession. Officers found a bag weed and pot pipes in his backpack during a search last month at the Springfield Justice Center, the city’s police station, reports Tom Adams at KATU.com.
“It’s our belief that he’ll be convicted based on the definition of the law,” said Springfield Police Sergeant Tom Borchers.

Whether Oregon’s 26,000 registered medical marijuana patients can carry pot with them wherever they go is the crux of the matter.
McClain said his state-issued medical marijuana card gives him the right to carry the herb outside his home.
Springfield police say they don’t think the law allows people with a medical marijuana card to carry pot in public.
“Our position is that he unlawfully possessed marijuana in a public place,” Borchers said.
Oregon’s medical marijuana law qualifies that its exception from criminal laws regarding pot does not extend to someone “who engages in the medical use of marijuana in a public place.” 
“The law defines medical marijuana use as possession,” Borchers said, displaying a tenuous grip on reality.