Potent ‘Synthetic Weed’ Hits Miami (For Now)


Graphic: Alta Bird Distributing

‚ÄčPotent fake weed, which has created a stir in other locales and actually is banned in Kansas, landed in Miami earlier this month. So far, only one head shop in town is selling the stuff, reports Tim Elfrink at Miami New Times.

The synthetic marijuana, sold under brand names such as Spice Gold, Black Mamba and K2, is sold as “incense” in smokable mixes labeled “Not For Human Consumption.”
You can get it right on the counter at Laughing Buddha, a smoke shop on Bird Road near Red Road in Miami, Elfrink reports.

The herb isn’t cannabis, or anything botanically related to it. The plant material is reportedly damiana, but the stuff is laced with a chemical called JWH-018, a synthetic cannabinoid with effects similar to, but not identical with, marijuana.
Staffers at Phoenix New Times and the KC Pitch selflessly offered themselves up for experimentation and smoked several brands of fake pot in the past two months. They discovered that, yes, JWH-018 does get you high. But most staffers didn’t get the munchies, and the high only lasted about 30 minutes.
Word to the wise: according to reports, you really don’t wanna mix this stuff with alcohol, unless you enjoy having a several headache.
“…Given the shit storm the drug has already kicked up elsewhere — earning outright bans in nine countries and one U.S. state over the past year — you might want to enjoy it while you can,” advises New Times.