Texas Cannabis Crusade, Austin, May 1: Be There!


Photo: Texas Cannabis Crusade
The 2009 event was the biggest pro-cannabis rally in Texas history. This year’s Texas Cannabis Crusade will be even bigger.

​With the third annual Texas Cannabis Crusade — expected to be the largest pro-cannabis rally in state history — just over a month away, Texas NORML, which stages the Austin event along with Outgrow Big Bro (OGBB), needs all the help they can get to make it happen seamlessly.

The Crusade, which is free to attend, is held in conjunction with the Global/Worldwide Marijuana March, which includes more than 300 cities worldwide.

Photo: Texas Cannabis Crusade

​The event kicks off at 10 a.m. at Wooldridge Square Park, with live music, breakfast and sign making.
“Our procession will be escorted by Austin’s Finest at High Noon down Guadalupe, to Cesar Chavez, past City Hall and then back up Congress Avenue to the South Steps of the Capitol Building,” said Brad Ernest, public relations director at OGBB.
“Our concert/rally last year was the largest pro-cannabis reform rally in Texas history, and this year’s event is expected to have a much larger attendance,” Ernst said.
The event will be on the South Steps of the Capitol from 1 to 3 p.m., resuming a few blocks away at Wooldridge Square Park for continued music, festivities and fun until 10 p.m.

Photo: Texas Cannabis Crusade

​”This event is being held to increase public awareness of current issues regarding the responsible reform of outdated cannabis laws in Texas,” Ernst said. “It is our intention to significantly sway the public opinion in favor of responsible cannabis reform by means of education, advocacy and community service.”
Donations Needed

“Texas NORML spends literally thousands of dollars and man-hours to make the Cannabis Crusade happen, and without dedicated supporters there is no way we could do it,” said Josh Schimberg, executive director of Texas NORML.
According to Schimberg, any amount, even $2, will help. “Please consider making a donation to help us pay for all the things we have to pay for: park reservation, South Capitol steps reservation, port-o-potties, water, advertising (print and radio), supplies for signs and other stuff,” Schimberg said.
If you are able to make a larger donation of $100 or more, and can be in attendance in Austin on May 1, you should consider purchasing a VIP pass to the Cannabis Crusade.
According to Schimberg, a VIP pass will get you:
• Reserved seat on stage at the Capitol
• VIP badge
• Texas Cannabis Crusade shirt
• Meal tickets
• Bottled water
• Treats too special to mention
“If you can afford it, you should definitely pick one up,” Schimberg said. “You won’t regret it.”
Also, if you are able and willing to be a volunteer worker for the Texas Cannabis Crusade on May 1, please contact:
All Cannabis Crusade volunteers will get a Cannabis Crusade shirt for working a short, 3-4 hour shift.