Washington: Marijuana Dispensary Bill Delayed


Graphic: North End Club 420

‚ÄčWashington state medical marijuana patients who have been hoping for safe and legal access are going to just have to wait.

As the Legislature’s special session continues at the state capitol, one issue that won’t be debated is a bill to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries. Sen. Jerome Delvin planned to introduce the legislation this time, but now he’s going to wait.

Delvin’s plans to introduce a medical pot dispensary bill went up in smoke when he found out just how far apart the two sides are on this issue, he told KNDU Tuesday.
Delvin said the law would have to change to get legal medical marijuana dispensaries, but the bill is off the table this session.

“I just got the sense that in this 60-day session, because of the budget and the concerns of that budget that the people are going to be more focused on that, then worrying about a medical marijuana bill going through.”
Many medical marijuana patients say they are physically unable to grow cannabis, and say they need dispensaries for their medication since their options are to grow it themselves, or buy it from a street dealer.