ABC News Sound Man Busted For Pot At Obama Appearance


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‚ÄčThe Secret Service arrested an ABC News sound engineer covering President Barack Obama’s Iowa trip after marijuana was discovered in his backpack Tuesday, ABC News confirmed, reports UPI.

The audio engineer, whose name was not reported, was part of the ABC crew covering the presidential visit. A local camera man hired by ABC brought the sound man into the assignment, according to
The pot was discovered as the sound man and camera man were routinely searched by Secret Service agents. Federal agents then turned the sound man over to local law enforcement, according to the report.
ABC News lost no time in distancing itself from the errant sound man.

“While we did not hire this soundman directly, we certainly regret that the Secret Service and local authorities had to waste their valuable time dealing with this matter,” said ABC News spokesman Jeffrey Schneider, according to TVNewser.