California Buzzkill: In-N-Out Raises Prices; Stoners Lament


Photo: Edwin Goei/OC Weekly
A Double Double, fries and Coke will set you back 30 cents more than before April 1. Unsweet!

‚ÄčIt happened on April Fool’s Day, but they ain’t foolin’. In a bit of a buzzkill for Golden State stoners, California drive-through burger chain In-N-Out has quietly raised its prices by 10 cents per item across its minimalist menu.

“Dude,” lamented one bummed-out toker. “The Double-Double is more than three bucks now! And if I continue eating three meals a day at the place, this could add up to, like, 5 bucks a week. That’s a couple of packs of rolling papers, man!”

Your Toke of the Town Editor, who lived in Southern California from 1999 to 2005, feels the pain of his Cali brethren and sistren.
Lest anyone question my personal devotion to In-N-Out’s deliciously juicy burgers and fresh-cut, never-frozen fries, let me reveal something: I proposed marriage to the lady of my dreams in the Torrance, Calif., In-N-Out back in 2003. (Yes, she accepted; and yes, we’re still hitched. Unfortunately, we can’t do the old In-N-Out in Washington, since there aren’t any.)
The dime hike, which went into effect April 1, was made a response to rising produce costs, according to intrepid reporter Edwin Goei at OC Weekly.