Drug Czar Dodges Pot Legalization Question


Photo: popten
Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske: “You can envision a lot of different things.” Oh yeah, Gil? Like you being out of a job?

‚ÄčThe Obama Administration’s top drug enforcement official dodged a question Thursday on how the federal government would react if Californians vote to legalize pot in November.
Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske said he “wouldn’t speculate” on what Obama would do if the marijuana legalization ballot initiative is approved.
“Since it hasn’t passed — right now it would be improper to speculate on what the federal government’s role is,” Kerlikowske said during an appearance on ABC’s Top Line webast, reports Michael O’Brien at The Hill.
When pressed, Kerlikowske admitted Thursday that a number of possible responses, including lawsuits to litigate the differences in state and federal drug laws, could spring up if California voters legalize pot.
“You can envision a lot of different things,” Kerlikowske said.
An April 2009 Field Poll showed 56 percent of Californians favor making pot legal for recreational use, while taxing the proceeds.

The state already allows the medicinal use of cannabis, and the Obama Administration has said it would not actively enforce federal laws against pot in states where its use is legal for medical purposes.